Fall Recital

At a Fall Recital guests enjoyed a cabaret setting with refreshments and great entertainment. The program featured Cherry’s voice and piano students. Also accompanying the performers were special appearances by Tom Hale, harmonica, and Anne Callaway, flute. The recital was SRO (standing room only)! We look forward to presenting our next recital.

All 3 of Cassie’s songs were great……she showed such versatility and range! They were all wonderful, but her classical piece in Spanish was very impressive!
“It’s up to you….New York……New York!”
Jessica did an incredible job. Her classical piece was I Attempt From Love’s Sickness, and two Broadway favorites, If I Loved You, and As Long As He Needs Me. She also played two songs on the piano.
Sue finished the recital in style…..with a rockin’ gospel rendition of Amazing Grace, accompanied by Tom Hale, harmonica.